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About Us

About Us

24Saat Fuarcılık Inc. was established in 2013 by a team experienced in trade fairs and event management. 24Saat Fuarcılık Inc. has a "Domestic Trade Fair Organizing Authorization Certificate" approved by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and provided by the T.R. Ministry of Trade. 24Saat Fuarcılık plays an important role in the development of the sector and Turkish Exports with its strong staff with international competence, organization experience, different perspective and sectoral experience.

With 25 years of experience in the Turkish Optical sector, 24Saat Fuarcılık has been organizing the only optical fair in Turkey, "International Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair" since 2013, making it an indispensable market for the Turkish Optical Sector in the national and international arena. By realizing the target market selection, which is the first step for the Companies Exhibiting in the fair to enter international markets, correctly and effectively, it has brought them together with professional buyers in countries such as EMEA (Europe, Central Asia, North Africa), Balkan Countries, Turkic Republics and Russia. In this way, the Turkish optical sector has been able to show that it is Innovative, Technological and Reliable in the product supply chain in the international market.

What we do / What we aim for

• The maximum satisfaction of our exhibitors is not only our mission in every new fair, but also the most fundamental principle of our vision. We work 100% customer satisfaction-oriented in all the events we organize and determine the organization scheme completely accordingly. By bringing together exhibitors with business experts from Turkey and other countries, we provide new business opportunities, networking with new customers and improving their market power.

• It has been determined that the direct contribution of the fairs held in Turkey to exports is over 25%. Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair brings together tens of thousands of people with exhibitors. The commercial relations established by the manufacturing companies in Turkey in the exhibition area increase their capacity, quality, development, brand awareness and the number of employees. Silmo Istanbul is proud to be an organization that is instrumental in increasing both export and employment figures in Turkey.

• While providing continuity of service to our customers, we take great care that our activities are carried out with the excitement of the first day of our establishment and today's experience, and that they continue with the principles of knowledge, trust and power. Our most valuable capital is our 25 years of experience and our employees. Based on our experience, our most important principle is to understand the needs of our customers and to plan and implement them on the basis of team spirit, while business ethics and ethical principles are indispensable.

The Qualities of 24Saat Fuarcılık Inc. :

• Maintain and improve standards,

• Continuity of customer satisfaction,

• Stability,

• Stable development and growth,

• Being trustworthy,

• Being transparent,

• Code of Conduct,

• Business ethics

• To be visionary,

• Being open to innovations,

• To be a leader.

Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair is an international organization supported by T.R. Ministry of Trade, T.R. Ministry of Economy, T.R. Ministry of Health, TOBB (Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey), ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce), KOSGEB, TOGB (Turkish Opticians Association) / 22 Chambers affiliated to the Association and TGSD (Turkish Eyewear Manufacturers Association).